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Mitsubishi Engines

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The block is cleaned in our spray cabinet vat and then powdercoated. It is then blueprinted and the rotating assemly is balanced to the tightest tolerance possible. O-rings are installed on the deck and the cylinders are bored and power honed using a torqued deck plate. The block is machined for oil squirters and clearanced for the rotating assembly. The main caps are torqued in and the main journals are machined to be straight and round. Assembled short block includes custom MAHLE Motorsports pistons, +6mm  Turbo Tuff I-beam rods, forged "Race Series" crankshaft, powder coated block, our self stablizing balance shaft eliminator kit, performance bearings, ARP main studs and 625+ Custom Age head studs.


 2.3 Stroker